Technology news made as Ryan Seacrest’s Typo loses to BlackBerry

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The Canadian smartphone manufacturer now has a court order against a product’s copyright infringement. The first technology news regarding the BlackBerry case against Ryan Seacrest’s Typo Products LLC has now been released, as the handset manufacturer has obtained a preliminary injunction to stop Typo from selling a $99 iPhone case. This, following the decision of a judge that said that Typo was likely infringing on BlackBerry’s patents. San Francisco U.S. District Judge William Orrick, explained that as the technology news stood, BlackBerry was able to establish that there was indeed…

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M-payments acquisition of Evenly made by Square

Square Inc. mobile payments nfc technology

The processing business is seeking to broaden its capabilities through the purchase of the startup. The most recent acquisition made by Square appears to be geared toward making it easier for its app users to be able to use m-payments to send and collect money from their friends. This was what the company revealed when it announced its acquisition of Evenly. The acquired company was designed to be an easy m-payment app that has tools that Square clearly finds to be highly appealing and wants to be able to integrate…

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Technology news predictions show a smartphone number tripling by 2019

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If this forecast is correct than there will be three times more of these devices by that time. A technology news report has been issued by Ericsson of Sweden which has indicated that by the year 2019, they expect the number of smartphones to have tripled to the point that the total figure will have reached 5.6 billion worldwide. If this is correct, then it will mean that smartphones will make up 60 percent of all global cell phones. Ericsson, the largest telecommunications network maker in the world, expressed in…

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Technology news from BlackBerry shows $4.7 billion buyout

Technology news Blackberry takeover sale deal

Shares for the freefalling smartphone manufacturer ground to a halt as a takeover deal was inked. The downward spiral of BlackBerry stocks screeched to a stop, yesterday, as the company made technology news by inking a takeover deal that would pay US$9 per share. The deal was struck for BlackBerry to sell itself to a consortium that is led by its largest shareholder. This technology news means that the Fairfax Financial Holdings Ltd.-led consortium will become the new owners of the dramatically failing company. Within that deal, the dramatically battered…

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Technology news made as Amazon opens a China Appstore

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Many people are expecting that this announcement will come ahead of a release of Kindle in the country. A massive technology news announcement was made on April 17 by, when it stated that it would be expanding its Appstore for Android to almost 200 countries, but at that time, China was not included among them. However, that story has changed as the company has now announced the opening of the store. As of May 4, Android device users in China have been able to take advantage of this technology…

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