Mobile marketing works but it’s often underestimated

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Consumers love and respond to the channel, but are under the impression that they don’t. The use of mobile marketing is picking up at a tremendous rate and consumers are highly enthusiastic and responsive to many of its various forms, driving mcommerce and offline shopping overall, but they are also under the impression that they don’t like it. Research has shown that smartphone and tablet users can’t get enough of this channel. The latest AdReaction report has just been released by the Dynamic Logic and Firefly units of Millward Brown.…

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Mobile marketing techniques are starting to be identified for more steady success

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Companies and brands are starting to learn the ropes regarding what works and how. Though very few have suggested that mcommerce is already an important channel and that mobile marketing is becoming vital to the success of any business, it isn’t until quite recently that the right strategies have started to become identified to allow efforts in this environment to be successful with some consistency. Almost ten percent of money spent online is now coming from a smartphone or tablet device. Considering the size of that contribution, companies who are…

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How luxury brands can use mobile marketing for their target market

Mobile Marketing ROI

Upscale companies need to use specific methods for reaching consumers. Luxury brands have always had to tell a different story than their more conventional counterparts, and mobile marketing has not changed this rule – only the way in which the central message is conveyed. It must still promote a vision of an exclusive, desirable lifestyle that isn’t open to everyone. Though this has been effectively achieved through other channels, it continues to present a struggle to marketers who are seeking to communicate with consumers via smartphone. The methods that they…

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How to introduce mobile marketing to your business

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Companies have waited long enough and now it’s time to be smartphone friendly. When it comes to mobile marketing, the most important step (as with virtually anything else) is to get started – the key is knowing how. Though many businesses want to appeal to smartphone users, they don’t know how. The following tips can help you to understand the very first successful steps into the smartphone environment. • Pay attention to what people are doing – though this can involve reading some studies and statistics about the latest trends,…

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Best Buy uses mobile marketing to sell big-ticket products

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Best Buy is using a targeted and location based mobile marketing campaign for big-ticket item sales. Electronics store chain, Best Buy, has announced that it will be using a mobile marketing campaign that will encourage the sale of large items such as a $1,900 television from Samsung, as a part of a targeted campaign. The electronics retailer is running a broad mobile advertising campaign within the iPhone Pandora app. It is targeting consumers with relevant offers through the use of location-based technology, in order to drive the sales in-store. According…

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