Mobile marketing will have created 1.4 million jobs by 2015

Mobile Marketing jobs and employment

The results of a new study are showing that this will be an area of considerable employment growth. The results of a new mobile marketing study have shown that spending in this area now accounts for $139 billion and that by the year 2015, this will rise to reach an estimated $400 billion. The result will be considerable in employment, as well, as it will require the work of 1.4 million people. As consumers continue to use their smartphones and tablets on an increasing basis in order to complete their…

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Mobile commerce and search are headed in the right direction

Mobile Commerce News

After observing data over the last consecutive quarters, it is clear that money will be directed to smartphone shopping. Following the release of data from The Search Agency, the report on the topic suggests that there will be an increase in mobile commerce spending as retail and search experience a considerable push over that channel. The study showed that there has been strong growth in every sector throughout this year’s first quarter. The data that was released in the report indicated that, year over year, the mobile commerce spending for…

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Mobile marketing paid display and search ad spending skyrocketed in 2012

mobile commerce growth

Last year’s expenditures were 213 percent higher than they had been in 2011. Mobile marketing is becoming an increasingly vital element of the shopping process as a whole, according to an eMarketer analyst who has recently released the statistics regarding the spending that occurred in the marketplace last year. The company’s analysis determined that there was a considerable increase in spending last year over 2011. In fact, when compared to the $1.26 billion that was spent on mobile marketing in the form of paid search and smartphone and tablet display…

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Mobile marketing expenses skyrocketed in November

mobile marketing budget

A new Fiksu report is showing that the costs associated with advertising and promotions spiked that month. Fiksu, a leading company that assists brands throughout the optimization process for Android and iOS mobile app advertising and promotion, has just released their findings following a study regarding the spending on mobile marketing over the holiday season. The report looked into the impact that the biggest shopping season of the year had on these costs. What they found, according to the publication, was that the holiday season caused mobile marketing in apps…

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