Mobile marketing firms are asking if their ads are worth it

Mobile Marketing statistics

Businesses are struggling to see the direct return on their investment into social and smartphone advertising. While businesses are spending a rising amount of money into mobile marketing and social media advertising strategies, the majority of them aren’t actually able to see all that much of a return on the investment they’ve been making, according to the results of a recently released study. At the moment, companies are spending an average of 10.6 percent of their overall marketing budgets on mobile and social. The percentage of the budget being dedicated…

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Mobile marketing is the most difficult to do properly

Mobile marketing email

The same research that made this determination referred to email advertising as the most effective. The results of a recent study conducted by Ascend2 and certain of its research partners (from MarketingCharts, also known as MC) have now been released, showing that among the various digital techniques, it is email advertising that is considered to be the most effective, while mobile marketing has the unfortunate title of being the most difficult. The report on the study provided considerable insight into the analysis conducted on the research findings. The report was…

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Mobile marketing is being held back by a lack of quality data

mobile marketing data ROI

Experts have noted that they are not receiving the information that they require to push the channel forward. Despite the considerable opportunity presented by mobile marketing, and the fact that it is an affordable form of advertising and promotions, its potential is barely being tapped at the moment. Many experts are saying that a lack of knowledge based on good data is holding the channel back. A group of experts in the field were asked about their opinions on the present and future trends in mobile marketing and expressed that…

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Mobile marketing companies are struggling to for strong ROI

Mobile Marketing ROI

According to the results of a recently released report, marketers haven’t figured out how to achieve “good ROI” yet. A new research report has just been released and is indicating that as much as companies seem to be on board with using mobile marketing, those who are applying it have yet to find “good ROI” through its use. The report provided a more in depth look at the way that smartphone optimized ads are being perceived. The traditional and mobile marketing firm, [x+1], produced the report, which examined the way…

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