Mobile marketing trends are promising in the Middle East

mobile marketing trends

The Arab world has shown that this channel is extremely promising and should not be underestimated. A new report that has recently been released regarding the Saudi Arabian market by the marketing and communications company OTS has revealed that mobile marketing trends are showing important promise within this region and that the channel’s impact should not be underestimated. The number of cell phone subscribers within that region is now closing in on the 400 million mark. Therefore, these mobile marketing trends suggest that any entrepreneurs or companies that have any…

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Daily deal retailers in the Middle East turn to mobile for success

Egypt Mobile Commerce

The significant competition in the Middle East among daily deal websites have sent these businesses to the mobile commerce marketplace to appeal to the growing number of smartphone users. In following with this trend, LivingSocial, the American giant, intends to begin its own mobile deals service that will bring consumers in the Middle East “instant” deals in 2012, at the same time that its competitor, Cobone, says that 20 percent of its own business will likely be through mobile channels in the near future. Daily deal sites, such as the…

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