Atlanta Medical Center plasters QR codes on buses to distribute information regarding the emergency room

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QR codes are becoming more popular in the world of medicine. In the medical world, the codes are used for information distribution instead of marketing. They allow hospitals and physicians the ability to connect with patients and provide assistance and services when needed. The Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority in Georgia has begun putting QR codes for the Atlanta Medical Center on the city’s buses. The codes are meant to help those that may have to take a trip to the emergency room. The codes are plastered on the backs…

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FierceBiotech IT tests mobile technology with senior pharma, biotech, and IT leaders


FierceBiotech IT has been updating pharmaceutical, biotechnology, IT leaders on the ways in which technology is moving forward, and that includes the use of mobile for the shaping of clinical research and trials. Mobile developers are already starting to make ground with some of the large drug making companies (and their deep pockets), as they come up with new devices and apps that help to streamline the various processes for product development, marketing and advertising, and sales. The mobile industry is starting to believe that there is a significant place…

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Smart phones may just be the health care industry’s new best friend

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There is a rising demand for NFC technology among health care workers in the United Kingdom. Advanced Health & Care, an IT management firm that provides health care services, has reported a massive increase in demand for their iConnect application. The application was designed for home care professionals, but it is becoming popular amongst emergency responders and other health care workers. Company officials believe that the growing popularity of the application is due to the growing NFC market. iConnect allows workers with NFC-enabled mobile devices to receive real-time information wherever…

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