Mobile marketing will have created 1.4 million jobs by 2015

Mobile Marketing jobs and employment

The results of a new study are showing that this will be an area of considerable employment growth. The results of a new mobile marketing study have shown that spending in this area now accounts for $139 billion and that by the year 2015, this will rise to reach an estimated $400 billion. The result will be considerable in employment, as well, as it will require the work of 1.4 million people. As consumers continue to use their smartphones and tablets on an increasing basis in order to complete their…

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Mobile marketing guide issues strict cautions regarding the use of text

Mobile Marketing

The recommendation is that retailers stick to certain important rules when using SMS. Although mobile marketing through text messages is still considered to be effective, according to a new guide, retailers should move forward with caution or it could sabotage the entire technique. Consumers pay close attention to what they receive over their smartphones and tablets, so relevance is key. This is the case with mobile marketing far more than in other channels. For instance, television commercials are often ignored or skipped, and banner ads are barely even noticed by…

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Mobile marketing is as “comfortable” for consumers as other forms of advertising

mobile marketing guide

Smartphone and tablet ads are becoming increasingly commonplace and device users are getting used to seeing them. Although mobile marketing still has a long way to go before it has reached the point where it is truly understood for the best techniques and methods that should be used to reach consumers, device users are expressing an increased tolerance level for this advertising channel. The newly released results of a research study are showing that many consumers equate it with other channels. The latest research released by InMobi is showing that…

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Mobile marketing relatively misunderstood among many companies

QR Code Mobile Marketing

Study targets the world of mobile marketing Aquent, a leading staffing organization dedicated to marketing, has released a new study that focuses on mobile marketing. The study was commissioned by Forrester Research and provides some insight on how companies all over the world view mobile marketing and the prospective benefits it offers. Many businesses have taken note of the rising number of smart phone and tablet users around the world. As these consumers become more prolific, companies are feeling the need to engage these people through their mobile devices, thus…

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Mobile marketing will make up half of budgets in five years

mobile marketing budget

The sector will still not be able to reach its full potential due to a skills gap that will continue to exist. The results of a study by Experian Marketing Services have predicted that by the year 2017, companies and brands will be spending 50 percent of their budgets on mobile marketing. However, at the moment, progress is stunted due to a lack of understanding of the sector. Those responsible for implementing mobile marketing techniques are still struggling to fully comprehend the medium and are challenged by the methods used…

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