yStats announces release of its 2012 report for North American B2C E-Commerce

Marketing Statistics

yStats.com, a market research company based in Hamburg, has released its latest report, which look into the present of North American B2C E-Commerce, and speculates on its future. The title of the report is “North American B2C E-Commerce Report 2012”. Though it is focused primarily on North American data as a whole, it also examines trends that are specific to both the Canadian and U.S. markets. It zooms in on revenue figures, trends, leading product categories by popularity, and market shares, as well as online shoppers, internet users, and overall…

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Fiksu report shows app downloads up and mobile marketing costs way down

Mobile Commerce

Fiksu Inc. has released a report that has shown a significant drop in the costs associated with mobile marketing from January 2012, reaching the lowest point that has occurred since July 2011. This company is the first platform for mobile user acquisition in the industry that spans the entire mobile environment. It also indicated that app downloads for Apple’s iOS devices have spiked significantly since the start of 2012. Though the Fiksu Cost per Loyal User Index saw record highs in December, having reached $1.81, in January, it dropped by…

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inMobi report shows promising marketing opportunities through mobile stats

Mobile trends

Independent mobile ad network, inMobi, has released their global media trends report, which has made a number of predictions regarding the impact that mobile advertising has – and will have – within the m-commerce sphere. The report was based on information gathered about the fourth quarter in 2011, and many mobile marketers are paying attention to what it has to say in order to guide their future efforts. According to the report, mobile marketing at the moment has more power than television in terms of the amount of time that…

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ComboApp states full support for Apple’s crackdown against unethical marketing at the App Store


ComboApp Marketing Agency, based in Chicago, has announced that it is giving its full support to the recent crackdown by Apple that stated that any iOS developers who were found to be using marketing techniques that were deceptive to the consumer will automatically have its products banned from the App Store and will no longer be able to do business there. The marketing agency, which is a mobile app promotion services leader, has been very open about its beliefs that Apple’s decision is an important one for the entire mobile…

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Report shows three quarters of mobile phone profits belong to Apple

Augmented reality mobile marketing

Though Apple currently holds a share of approximately 9 percent of the worldwide mobile phone, a recent report by Horace Dediu, an analyst from Asymco, has shown that its profits and sales are significantly greater, having taken in 75 percent of all of the mobile industry’s profits in the last quarter of 2011. The remainder of the profits in Q4 of 2011, according to Asymco, went to Samsung (16 percent), RIM and its BlackBerry (3.7 percent), HTC (3 percent), and Nokia (1.8 percent). All told, the profits received by the…

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