When will iPhone 5 be launched?

ipad news

Whenever another iPhone’s launch is imminent, theories begin to circulate among experts in the industry. With iPhone 5 on its way, there are two theories that are leading the rest, though Apple isn’t saying anything to confirm or deny either of them. The first prevailing theory is that iPhone 5 will make its appearance at the beginning of October, possibly in its first week, making presales available to consumers even before Friday, September 9. It is also believed, by some who claim to have obtained a leaked Best Buy document,…

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The future of Apple without Steve Jobs as CEO

Steve Jobs

When Steve Jobs announced his resignation from his position as Apple’s CEO, many people in the industry were left to wonder about the future of mobile technology without the man who changed the way the world thinks about personal computing and then did the exact same thing for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. The worlds of communication, content, commerce, and marketing are about to be turned on their heads, as they release revolutionary new technologies, but they will need to do it with Jobs in the position of…

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Google’s acquisition of Motorola may sour its Android deals

Google News

Google has recently purchased Motorola for $12.5 billion in order to obtain a greater amount of intellectual property; however, experts are wondering if this will make its Android partners feel as though it is more competition and less of an ally. According to Google, the Motorola company will maintain its function as a separate organization. However, other manufacturers of handsets such as HTC and Samsung Electronics may still see this as a form of competitive threat. Analyst Michael Gartenberg from Gartner explained that no matter how Google describes its relationship…

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Nokia has big plans for NFC phones

Nokia technology news

NFC is gaining in popularity, finding acceptance all over the world. More companies, both big and small, are opting to make use of the technology as a way to expedite customer service. While much of the focus is on NFC’s affinity for contactless payments and mobile commerce, there are new ideas on the horizon that could change how people look at the technology. These ideas are pioneered by Nokia, and they have some interesting concepts on how to take NFC to the next level. At the Nokia Research Center in…

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A fresh look at Nokia

  Nokia has created a new application for their phones called the “Sleeping Screen”. It can give onscreen notifications for missed calls, texts, reminders and many other functions.  The sleeping screen features beautiful images, clear icons and animations, all in low resolution so it doesn’t compromise the battery life of the phone. The new application has nine different settings that change images every minute. One of the settings changes the screen saver clock into tiny low resolution dots that portrays the time and changes as the time does; it can…

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