mHealth has the confidence of 96 percent of patients

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The vast majority of survey participants expressed that they feel that this technology will improve their lives. The results of a Research Now Group Inc. survey have now been released, and they have shown that nearly all patients are optimistic enough about mhealth that they feel that it will provide an improvement to their lives. The research involved the participation of 500 healthcare experts as well as 1,000 users of mobile health apps. What this study determined was that 46 percent of the medical professionals who responded to the survey…

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Mobile health apps are experiencing a sizeable increase in usage

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As the number of health and wellness applications rise, so is usage by doctors and patients. With every passing week, the number of mobile health apps that are available takes another spike, and as this happens, doctors are taking the opportunity to open their minds and arms to the trend and see how they can use these applications to enhance the care that they provide. A recent survey showed that over one in three physicians have recommended an mhealth app in the last year. The results of that survey were…

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Mobile health devices in exam rooms don’t bother patients

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Doctors had been concerned that using these gadgets would bring about fears for personal privacy. For some time now, doctors have had their worries about using technology in order to keep electronic medical records, but it appears as though patents do not feel that same barrier about using mobile health devices and techniques in exam rooms. A new survey conducted by Nuance has revealed that patients welcome the use of mobile gadgets. Among the reasons that the voice recognition tech company behind the survey found that patients found mobile health…

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Mhealth services remain untried by 90 percent of U.K. adults

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This, according to the results of a new study that have recently been released. New research conducted by Pintsent Masons – a legal firm – in conjunction with YouGov has now been completed and the results have been released to show that when it comes to mhealth services, a massive 90 percent of adults in the United Kingdom have never even tried them once. This is the case despite the fact that the research took established apps into consideration. The survey determined that before being provided with the definition of…

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Why Online Degree Programs Focus on QR Codes: 10 Ways QR Codes will Influence Your Health

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If you’re interested in taking part in one of the better healthcare online degree programs, you need to be ready to work with QR codes. Why? QR codes are just one of many methods that health technicians are looking at using to increase the quality of our healthcare in the future. They are quickly being integrated into health information technology that accesses our records and will allow us to do more with our smartphones. Through the use of QR codes and new applications in health technology, patients will be able…

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