Mobile Gaming: A Comeback Story in 2012

Mobile Gaming Industry

If 2012 is any indication, mobile gaming is skyrocketing in popularity. Mobile-gaming analytics companies and game makers are experiencing increased profits and popularity — as long as consumers continue to use websites like iWin to download games and purchase game apps at record numbers, mobile and social gaming will continue to rise. A Swrving Upward Incline for 2012 Mobile Gaming Swrve serves an essential function in the mobile-gaming industry. The mobile- and social-apps analytics firm analyzes data of more than 5 million players per day. Swrve’s service is vital for…

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Grid: A real-time augmented reality maze from Sahar Fikouhi

Augmented Reality Video

Augmented reality continues to gain momentum in the gaming world. As the technology has grown more advanced, companies specializing in augmented reality, such as Metaio and Qualcomm, have released tools to help intrepid designers build their own AR experiences. Such is the case with Sahar Fikouhi, a computational designer and architect from London, UK. Fikouhi has developed a new game for the iPhone that plunges players into a world of staggering geometry and tasks them with navigating their way through a virtual maze. The game is called Grid and it…

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Popular apps for the Thanksgiving holiday

Mobile games popularity

After the thanksgiving meal has been enjoyed and family members settle down to relax into the evening, many people will be using their mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets for entertainment and shopping, this year. Among the most popular apps that will be downloaded and used as a part of the Thanksgiving holiday experience are the following: • Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade – although many parts of this app are directed toward individuals who will be attending the parade in person, it can also be quite useful for people…

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New augmented reality app seeks to dethrone QR codes in mobile marketing

Blippar augmented reality Mobile App

QR codes have become the titan of the mobile marketing world. The codes have proven the simplicity of reaching a varied audience of consumers in the digital age. The rise of the mobile marketing industry owes much of its success to the codes and many advertisers are sure that the codes will be around for many years to come. However, a new mobile application seeks to dethrone the blocky barcode. To accomplish this ambitious feat, the app is making use of augmented reality technology. Augmented reality is nothing new to…

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