Mobile Device Usage to Outpace Computer Usage

You may be reading this post on a desktop or laptop computer right now but if you decide to read it again in a year, chances are good you’ll be scrolling through on a smartphone or tablet. That is if you’re not already reading this on your phone. Around the globe mobile, devices are poised to overtake traditional computers – not only in sales but also in terms of how we use them. Convenience is only one factor. When you consider both the decreasing prices and the ever-increasing options in…

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Retailers may be missing out on mobile commerce opportunities

Mobile commerce shopping trends

Holidays highlight the value of mobile shopping The holidays have long been a very important time of year for retailers. During the holiday season, consumers are much more likely to spend money so that they can purchase gifts for their loved ones. In the past, this involved going to physical stores and, in many cases, waiting in long lines just to purchase a single product. Holiday shopping is also quite a chaotic time, so beyond being a significant time investment, consumers must compete with the dangers that exist in navigating…

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The Evolution of Responsive Web Design

Adaptive Mobie Website

As you know, responsive web design is part of an evolution of web design that continues to grow to make websites as efficient and marketable as possible. The goal seems simple and familiar: adjust your current site so that it will appear user friendly on every device, from laptops, to Macs, to desktops, smart phones and tablets. When the type of device is set upon, including the typeface, grids, and images, it will become fitted into the particular screen size. Most of the world is plugged in to the digital…

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How To Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

mobile site

Mobile web browsing is overtaking traditional screens at a break- neck pace. As more and more people purchase smart phones and tablets, the number of mobile web users will continue to grow, affecting the way people search for products and services. While mobile web use is undeniably a growing trend, the majority of people still use traditional screens at least part of the time. This increasing usage of multiple devices (sometimes running simultaneously) means that your business must work to reach a wide audience on many different screens. When developing…

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