Mogix Announces Their New Even Lighter Power Bank Bar

Small Mogix 5000

Mogix Electronic Accessories has just announced the launch of a whole new external battery charger… It’s half the size of its flagship backup power bank – in fact it’s a little smaller than chocolate bar, hence the new campaign for their pint size power bar – perfect pocket size!  This new product launch is being celebrated with a HUGE sale that will be available for only a limited time. The launch price of the new, lighter Mogix external battery charger will be $17.99, which is more than two thirds off…

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Wearable technology store from Amazon opens its doors

Amazon mobile commerce

The online retail giant now has a complete new online storefront that is meant exclusively for wearables. Amazon, the massive online marketplace, has just announced that it has launched a wearable technology store that has been created specifically to cater to people who want to shop for wearables. Customers can now head to this single spot in order to shop for, compare, and purchase this tech. Customers can now use this online and mobile commerce store in order to purchase wearable technology devices and gadgets from all of the leading…

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