Research shows that 55 percent of women are willing to opt in for mobile discounts

Mobile Coupons

A recent study performed by Ping Mobile has shown that 55 percent of women who use smartphones are willing to opt-in to a service in order to be provided with discount coupons and offers. The results produced by Ping Mobile, were drawn from the responses from American women from across the country, regarding their current use of coupons and the way that the feel about mobile coupons in general. People are already using their smartphones on an increasing basis to accomplish their everyday activities, so it is predicted that 2012…

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Cellit identifies QSR mobile marketing campaign best practices

Mobile Marketing Report

Leading mobile customer relationship management (CRM) systems provider, Cellit, which specializes in solutions for retailers, restaurants, and other businesses, has announced the results of a year-long analysis of nearly 9,000 mobile marketing campaigns, which was commissioned in 2001 by 125 quick service restaurant (QSR) clients. Cellit performed an analysis of client data to generate a range of data-driven conclusions and metrics that will assist QSRs in developing the best methods for success in mobile marketing. These were created to address the full mobile marketing lifecycle, which includes the most effective…

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How mobile marketers will be using mobile wallet

Mobile Wallet

Near field communication (NFC) technology has made it possible for a smartphone user to combine all of his or her credit cards, loyalty cards, gift cards, and even discount coupons in a single secure location so that they can all be conveniently carried all the time within the one device. The NFC technology allows users to leave their physical wallets at home and bring their mobile wallets with them wherever they go as long as they have their smartphones with them. Then, when they reach a checkout counter, they need…

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