Wearable technology designers hope to show that smart can be sexy

smartwatch wearables tech

The mobile devices are swamping the industry and now the race is on to make them attractive. As QR Code Press has been reporting over the last couple of weeks, one of the hottest trends to hit the fashion runways is wearable technology, as mobile development companies and designers partner together to prove that smart can be sexy, too. Until now, the devices have been geared toward function, but this has caused customers to hesitate to buy. Indeed, many who have already purchased wearable technology devices such as smartwatches and…

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Bring Your Business to Customers’ Hands: How to Optimize Your Website for Mobile Use


Small business owners without a mobile presence are missing out on an enormous slice of the consumer sales pie. EMarketer estimates that mobile commerce sales, including purchases on tablets, smartphones and mobile devices, rose 81% to about $25 billion last year. This statistic alone should be sufficient to galvanize businesspeople into immediate action. U.S. Consumers will access the Internet more through mobile devices than through personal computers by 2015, estimates the International Data Corporation Worldwide New Media Market Model. Now is the time to optimize your site for mobile or…

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Mobile commerce focus placed on Android and iOS

Apple vs Android mobile marketing

A survey has shown that there has been a push by developers to focus on those two operating systems. According to a survey that was conducted jointly by IDC and Appcelerator, developers have been maintaining a focus on Android and iOS as the industry continues to take bigger steps into mobile commerce. These two companies are now anticipating a massive explosion of the channel. Based on their survey results, the companies feel that mobile commerce is not only set to take off, but that it will transform the way that…

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FierceBiotech IT tests mobile technology with senior pharma, biotech, and IT leaders


FierceBiotech IT has been updating pharmaceutical, biotechnology, IT leaders on the ways in which technology is moving forward, and that includes the use of mobile for the shaping of clinical research and trials. Mobile developers are already starting to make ground with some of the large drug making companies (and their deep pockets), as they come up with new devices and apps that help to streamline the various processes for product development, marketing and advertising, and sales. The mobile industry is starting to believe that there is a significant place…

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Mobile marketing entrepreneurs find significant opportunity in the low number of mobile sites

Mobile Marketer

Nielson and AT&T have released the results of a recent study that showed that among all mobile searchers, 43 percent will follow up their queries by heading to visit the business’s physical location. Furthermore, 22 percent of the searchers will actually make a purchase once they have visited the store. Mobile marketing entrepreneurs are only just now spotting this opportunity and are starting to take advantage of it while the number of mobile websites remains low. Though smaller businesses have found it increasingly hard to try to compete with what…

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