M-commerce growth will reach $6 trillion in 4 years

M-Commerce growth

Mobile shopping apps are expected to become quite mainstream and very successful in coming years. Mobile app specialist firm, App Annie, predicts that m-commerce will not only accelerate in the near future, but it will become very important. This is welcome news to tech companies in their currently slumping sector. The firm forecasted rapid growth to the degree that it will break the $6 trillion in transactions per year mark by 2021. Bertrand Schmitt, founder and chief exec of App Annie, revealed this m-commerce growth prediction in a recent media…

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Mobile commerce website at GNC beefs up and gets injured

Mobile Commerce Trends

The increased size of the site, said Keynote, has caused its homepage to take far too long to load. According to the latest Mobile Commerce Performance Index from Keynote Systems, GNC bulked up its smartphone website to such a degree that it dropped its rank down to 28th place out of a possible 30, this week. The General Nutrition Centers Inc. website is now hurting from impossibly long load times. The goal of mobile commerce websites, according to Keynote and most other experts in the industry, is to make sure…

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Trouble may be brewing for Google’s mobile commerce venture

Mobile Commerce - NFC

Mobile commerce continues to prove problematic for Google Mobile commerce is gaining momentum, but the same cannot be said for Google Wallet. Google has been laboring to promote its Wallet application for nearly two years. The Wallet exists as a mobile commerce platform, allowing users to pay for goods and services using little more than their smartphone. Google had high hopes for the Wallet, but the initial launch of the application was plagued by security faults and harsh criticism. The impact left by these early issues is still apparent today,…

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Mobile commerce study reveals more than half of female smartphone owners shop

mobile commerce demographics

Research performed by Swirl showed that 53 percent of women device users have up to 5 shopping apps. The results of a recent study conducted by Swirl have revealed that while 53 percent of female smartphone owners have up to five different mobile commerce apps on their devices, they still feel that the best overall shopping experience is the one that they receive while they are actually in store. The smartphone marketing platform provider conducted the survey among American consumers. In order to reach its conclusions, Swirl held a survey…

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Mobile commerce performance at American Eagle Outfitters improves

Mobile Commerce News

An important milestone has now been reached by the clothing retailer’s smartphone strategy. The teen fashion retailer has just made it into the top ten list of the Keynote Mobile Commerce Performance Index for the first time since it has established its smartphone friendly campaigns and site. The chain’s homepage was recorded to have an average load time of 11.23 seconds. This, according to the tests that were performed by Keynote for its mobile commerce index on the week that ended on April 7. This reduced load time for the…

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