Mobile commerce transactions are highest in Japan

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The second quarter figures for 2016 showed that the country had nearly 55 percent conversion rates. Criteo recently released its figures regarding mobile commerce transactions in Q2 2016. They revealed that the conversion rates for m-commerce were highest in Japan, the United Kingdom and South Korea. The performance marketing technology firm underscored that the top spot was held by Japan. These results were compiled after analyzing 1.7 billion transactions from both desktop and mobile sites. The analysis involved annual sales totals worth $720 billion. It involved the figures from more…

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Isis mobile commerce platform expected to launch within weeks

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Mobile commerce platform may finally see an official launch The mobile commerce sector is awash with a wide variety of payment platforms that are vying for the attention of consumers. No single platform has yet establish a strong following among consumers interested in mobile commerce, but one of the most highly anticipated of these platforms is expected to be launched within the coming weeks. Isis, a mobile commerce joint venture from T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless, and AT&T, is expected to officially go live within the coming weeks. Isis among most highly…

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Mobile commerce consumer confidence is rapidly increasing

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This willingness for smartphone users to embrace the technology will generate a growth of 50 percent. According to Juniper Research, consumers are embracing mobile commerce at a much faster rate than they accepted the standard web for purchasing products back in the 1990s. It has been suggested that it is supply and not demand that is holding the marketplace back. The research firm has indicated that the number of people who are buying physical goods through m-commerce channels will increase from this year’s 393 million to a tremendous 580 million…

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