Pyrim launches new Mobile Commerce Matrixes tool

tablet mobile commerce survey

New tool aims to provide some insight into the mobile commerce space Pyrim Technologies, a mobile commerce consultancy firm, has announced the release of its new tool, called Mobile Commerce Matrixes. The tool is meant to help businesses develop better products that highlight mobile payments. Many businesses are beginning to show interest in mobile commerce, but do not have products and services that are able to effectively engage consumers on their smartphones and tablets. Tool will help companies understand the solutions that they have available to them The Mobile Commerce…

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Mobile commerce catalog feature added by Flipboard

QR codes in Mobile commerce Magazine Ads

The company has now expanded its features for smartphone and tablet customers with an all new section. Flipboard’s social magazine app has now been broadened so that it includes an all new mobile commerce catalog section that gives shoppers and brands the chance to look at various products, check their prices, and make purchases through the right links. This app is available for both Android and Apple device using customers. This represents an important step forward into mobile commerce for the magazine as it expands its way outward into catalogs.…

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Are QR codes effective mobile commerce tools?

QR Codes trends statistics

QR codes are more than marketing tools QR codes are nothing new. The codes have been around for several years and have primarily been used in the marketing sector. Advertisers in Japan initially stumbled upon the engagement potential of the codes after seeing how they were being put to use as inventory tracking tools by their creator, Denso Wave. While the codes have become synonymous with marketing, especially that of the mobile variety, they are much more than advertising gimmicks, and this fact is becoming better understood as more companies…

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Enhancing Video Game Design with QR Codes

Quick response codes are already used in a variety of multimedia formats, from product packaging to websites. They can now be scanned using apps on most smartphones, becoming ever more ubiquitous as fun ways to share information. One interesting venue in which QR codes can be used to enrich the user experience is within gaming. Today’s video games are already highly technologically advanced, giving users the ability to step into virtual realities and play games from the viewpoint of highly complex characters. It’s helpful to take a closer look at…

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Political campaigns are using mobile commerce tools

QR Codes Used in Political Campaigns

From QR codes to other innovative tools, the presidential race has gone digital. No matter where you look in this year’s presidential election campaigns, you are likely to find some signs of mobile commerce tools to help the hopefuls to connect with a much more smartphone-based voting audience. Smartphone penetration has reached the point that it would be political suicide to ignore it. President Barack Obama’s volunteer data captain staff is currently spread across thirty different re-election offices in Florida alone, processing mountains of material that have been generated by…

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