Tablets are becoming an ideal mobile commerce tool

e-reader tablet commerce

Tablet users show that they are enthusiastic when it comes to mobile shopping As mobile commerce continues to grow in the U.S. and elsewhere, tablets are becoming the devices that consumers enjoy shopping on the most. Tablets are beginning to have a major impact on the way that people shop online, but retailers have yet to take tablets seriously when it comes to matters concerning mobile commerce. A recent report from BI Intelligence highlights the growth of tablets in e-commerce and highlights the trends that are emerging among consumers with…

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Are QR codes effective mobile commerce tools?

QR Codes trends statistics

QR codes are more than marketing tools QR codes are nothing new. The codes have been around for several years and have primarily been used in the marketing sector. Advertisers in Japan initially stumbled upon the engagement potential of the codes after seeing how they were being put to use as inventory tracking tools by their creator, Denso Wave. While the codes have become synonymous with marketing, especially that of the mobile variety, they are much more than advertising gimmicks, and this fact is becoming better understood as more companies…

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Research and Markets releases new study detailing the various aspects of NFC technology

NFC Technology

Research and Markets, a market research firm, has released a new report on the growing NFC market. The report provides in-depth analysis of the market and the commercial opportunities therein, which may be useful for companies looking to expand their business into the mobile marketing and mobile commerce sector. It also examines the emerging trends of the technology and how they apply to businesses all over the world. NFC is certainly gaining momentum as a tool to connect with a growing population on mobile consumers. Like most new technologies, companies…

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