Mobile commerce is thriving due to investments

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Report showcases the power that investors have in growing the mobile space Digi-Capital has released an analysis of the mobile Internet and how mobile commerce has risen to fame. The company’s report highlights the high hopes that investors have in the mobile space, as well as the fears that have influenced their investment decisions. Notably, the report shows that mobile commerce has swelled as a result of the hopes and fears of investors, many of whom see the mobile Internet as the future of business. $32 billion in investments made…

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Mobile commerce investments to continue growing in 2015

Mobile Payments

Mobile payments sector continues to experience strong growth, especially in terms of investments The past year represented a major tipping point for the mobile commerce sector. More people than ever before began to use their mobile devices to shop online and purchase products in physical stores. More retailers began to accept mobile transactions and investments being made into the mobile commerce space grew significantly. This year, much of the momentum that was generated for this sector in 2014 is likely to carry on, leading the mobile commerce space to greater…

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JD dot com mobile commerce IPO raises $1.78 billion from US investors American investors may be strongly interested in Chinese Internet companies, thanks to the recent success of’s IPO. is an e-commerce organization based in China, which launched an initial public offering recently to great success. The IPO raised some $1.78 billion for, which exceeded the company’s expectations by a significant margin. The warm reception that has received may bode well for other Chinese companies that are preparing to launch their IPOs in America. Chinese retailers engaging mobile consumers are…

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