Mcommerce in Malaysia is on its way to $1.1 billion in three years

Malaysia Mcommerce trends

Prime minister of the country, Najib Razak says the results by 2015 are because of “upwardly mobile” citizens. The mcommerce sector in Malaysia is now being recognized as one of the fastest growing mobile environment, and the country is crediting its Digital Malaysia initiative for this speedy increase. By 2015, Malaysia is expecting the mobile sector to have generated $1.1 billion (3.4 billion ringgit). Malaysia is a country that has openly accepted mobile, and where a significant percentage of the population is already carrying smartphone and tablet devices. Prime Minister…

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Isis launch delayed

mobile payments growth report

Isis delays launch to work on new features Isis is one of the most anticipated mobile payment platforms that the world of mobile commerce has ever known. Isis is represented by a consortium of three major telecommunications companies – AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon Wireless – and is expected to dominate the m-commerce industry with little trouble. This consortium has done much to draw attention to the Isis platform and prepare for its arrival by investing heavily in the development of a mobile commerce infrastructure. Earlier this year, the consortium announced…

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Rectenna could lead to affordable NFC technology

NFC Technology Mobile Payments Infrastructure

Mobile commerce is sore need of infrastructure Though NFC technology has come under fire recently due to security concerns, it has managed to retain much of the favor it had garnered in its earlier days amongst many industries. NFC technology is becoming most widely used in mobile commerce, but an infrastructure capable of supporting the widespread adoption of mobile commerce is currently scarce. Building a comprehensive infrastructure of any kind would be a costly venture, so much so that the progress of mobile commerce may be stifled. While the costs…

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Mobile commerce infrastructure launched in Singapore

Singapore Mobile Commerce

Singapore announces the launch of NFC services and mobile commerce infrastructure Singapore is ready to launch its NFC services as the country’s work to develop its mobile commerce infrastructure reaches completion. The nation has been working on ensuring its mobile commerce infrastructure is well prepared for extensive use. Efforts to establish and develop the infrastructure and its various NFC services were led by Gemalto, a consortium comprised of Citibank, DBS, and EZ-Link, as well as the country’s leading telecommunications companies. The official launce of Singapore’s NFC services includes three types…

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