Mobile payments in 2017 will be worth $1.3 trillion

mobile payments trends

Prediction made based on the acceleration of NFC and the sale of physical goods over smartphones. According to the latest Juniper Research report, between now and 2017, the size of the mobile payments marketplace will expand almost four times over, to the point that it will reach over $1.3 trillion. The report is entitled “Mobile Payments Strategies: NFC, Remote Purchases & Money Transfer 2012-2017”. The data included in the report suggested that the growth in the mobile payments industry would be driven primarily from the sale of physical products purchased…

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CEO of eBay says the future is mobile

mobile payments John Donahoe, CEO of ebay

eBay CEO, John Donahoe, spoke at the Open Mobile Summit and stated that consumers are looking for the cheapest price, regardless of where they make the purchase, which means that the future is mobile and not e-commerce. He explained that as mobile is used more widely, the line between conventional retail and e-commerce has been so greatly blurred that the latter is losing all meaning. Today’s consumers are walking into brick-and-mortar shops and are using their mobile devices from there in order to comparison shop for better deals and prices…

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In-Stat: Number of NFC-enabled mobile devices to exceed 1 billion by 2015, despite security concerns

NFC Technology Mobile Payments Infrastructure

Mobile commerce is a promising new industry that revolves around smart phones being used as payment devices. This is accomplished through NFC technology, which allows smart phones to interact with NFC terminals to make purchases. Mobile commerce is often lauded as a safe, streamlined way to pay for goods, but security concerns have, thus far, stifled the growth of the industry. Despite such concerns, In-Stat, a global market intelligence firm, predicts that there will be more than 1 billion NFC-enabled mobile devices by 2015. The security concerns surrounding NFC technology…

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