Mobile commerce website achieves considerable sales success

mobile commerce trends

A retailer of outdoor gear has now achieved massive results with its m-commerce site integration. In order to create a truly successful mobile commerce website, Wide Open Spaces has integrated Magento and Unbound Commerce and has managed to impress consumers who are now shopping there. The customers of this members only online retailer are often in locations well away from their computers. After all, Wide Open Spaces caters to fishermen and hunters, which means that when they are using the products that are sold by the retailer, they are out…

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Mobile commerce to be integrated into restaurant offerings

Mobile Commerce pizza

Olo and Corfire will be jointly creating smartphone friendly applications in a new partnership. CorFire, a mobile commerce technology company in the United States, has just entered into a new partnership with Olo in order to create a digital shopping engine for restaurants. This new contract brings two powerful companies together in order to create smartphone apps. The deal has Olo and CorFire working together to form a mobile commerce app that will give restaurants the ability to step above and beyond standard smartphone or online ordering. It will, instead,…

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