Mobile commerce strategy at Walgreen’s attracting industry attention

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While some feel that the effort is a tremendous one in this channel, others are expressing their doubts. Walgreen is a company that is known for its regular and continuous innovation, and its mobile commerce strategy is now attracting attention from those in the industry who are seeking to decide whether the company has upheld its reputation over this channel, as well. This company invented the malted milkshake in 1922 and has been introducing firsts since then. The innovations have continued at Walgreen as self service shopping was introduced, replacing…

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Mobile commerce study shows only 17 percent of retailers have optimized sites

Mobile Commerce

Study by Briteskies about mobile commerce shows that among specialty online retailers, only 17 percent have optimized for smartphones. Leading firm in B2B and B2C company assistance for seamless integration of enterprise software and e-commerce solutions, Briteskies, has published the results of their study, which performed an evaluation of mobile commerce offerings among 75 different retailers online. Examples of the online companies that were included in the study are Fry’s Electronics, Petco, and Sunglass Hut. The results of this study were first released in Las Vegas, Nevada, at the 2012…

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Education is key to successful mobile commerce campaigns

Mobile Marketing

First thing…take advantage of mobile commerce news! Companies are rapidly discovering that if they want to survive, let alone succeed, then they are going to have to take part in the mobile commerce marketplace, or the competition – which has already become smartphone compatible – will rapidly leave them in the dust. However, in the rush to jump on the bandwagon and join in with this critical new channel, they are forgetting to educate their own employees, and it is hurting the efficacy of any efforts that they are making.…

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