Mobile Device Usage to Outpace Computer Usage

You may be reading this post on a desktop or laptop computer right now but if you decide to read it again in a year, chances are good you’ll be scrolling through on a smartphone or tablet. That is if you’re not already reading this on your phone. Around the globe mobile, devices are poised to overtake traditional computers – not only in sales but also in terms of how we use them. Convenience is only one factor. When you consider both the decreasing prices and the ever-increasing options in…

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Mobile commerce finding favor with women in the UK

Mobile Commerce

Report shows that women play a significant role in the mobile industry A new report from OgilvyAction, a global bran activation network, shows that mobile commerce is beginning to take off amongst female consumers. Traditionally, males have dominated the mobile behavior space, especially in the mobile commerce sector. Past studies have shown this to be the case, with many men claiming that mobile commerce was a more feasible way to make payments for goods and services. OgilvyAction’s recent study shows that this mentality is not exclusive to males. Women outnumber…

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