Augmented reality quilt could stop loneliness among hospitalized children

Augmented reality quilt

Augmented reality as a tool to stave off loneliness Loneliness can be a serious problem that typically receives very little attention. Thousands of people around the world struggle with this issue, but the problem is most pronounced among those that have been hospitalized. Those that have been forced into hospitalization by serious illnesses or injuries must often contend with separation from their loved ones. In this case, loneliness can serve as an impediment to the recovery process, especially among hospitalized children that are unaccustomed to being separated from their parents…

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Nocturnal Media brings augmented reality to board games

augmented reality mobile gaming

Traditional gaming could benefit from augmented reality As gaming becomes more popular worldwide — quickly approaching $100 billion in global annual sales — traditional games have experience a resurgence in popularity. A growing number of people around the world are becoming more interested in board games and these games have garnered a strong following due to the community engagement that they offer. In an age where consumers are strongly interested in interactive technologies, however, whether board games have a future is somewhat dubious. In an attempt to make board games…

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Augmented reality brings children’s books to life

augmented reality book cover

Education and augmented reality continue to mingle Augmented reality continues to generate traction as an education tool. This week, Edutainment Systems, a developer of interactive technologies, has announced that its new augmented reality service is ready and available to the public. The company’s Digital Book App service is designed to leverage the power of augmented reality to make reading more engaging for students. Currently, the service is meant to appeal most to young students and works well with books that have strong artistic elements. New service designed to bring books…

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Pioneer unveils new augmented reality system

Augmented Reality Technology

Augmented reality begins getting practical Augmented reality is making strong progress in the entertainment and gaming fields, but the technology is beginning to see some practical use as well, especially when it comes to transportation and navigation. Augmented reality has, to some extent, been used in the past when it comes to navigation, but the technology’s capabilities have been somewhat limited until very recently. Prominent technology developer Pioneer has been working on a new augmented reality system t hat could effectively change the way people drive. Pioneer shows off new…

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Augmented reality could unlock new potential in mobile devices

Augmented Reality app

Future mobile devices may rely heavily on augmented reality Mobile devices of the future may have some impressive features that set them leagues apart from the mobile devices of today. Qualcomm, one of the world’s leading chip designers, believes that augmented reality will be a prominent feature of the future’s smartphones and tablets. This technology has been gaining more attention with every passing year and has won praise for its interactivity. Augmented reality has served as a very effective bridge between the digital and physical worlds. Mobile devices may become…

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