Mobile marketing may want to place a focus on shopping moms

mom mcommerce mobile marketing

A recent study has shown that this demographic is highly receptive to ads and offers over their smartphones. Newly published research has now confirmed what many mobile marketing firms have already suspected, which is that moms are quite receptive to receiving various types of ads, promotions, and offers over the use of their smartphones. These findings suggested that moms have become more dependent on their mobile devices than ever before. The research was published within the 2014 BabyCenter US Mobile Mom Report. It indicated that mothers are using their smartphones…

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Mobile marketing to grow 90 percent in UK this year

Mobile Marketing

Advertising over smartphones is predicted to rise exponentially by the end of 2013. According to the latest predictions based on mobile marketing spending figures published by eMarketer, the ad market in the United Kingdom is expected to rise by about ninety percent this year alone. It is believed that this is the result of the massive increase in use of smartphones and tablets. When compared to last year’s mobile marketing spend, which was recorded to be £526 million in the United Kingdom, this year, it is predicted that the spend…

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Report shows that spending is stagnating for mobile advertising

Mobile Advertising

A Relevancy Group report has shown that businesses are currently hesitating to pour more money into a mobile advertising campaign. The research performed in order to create the report indicated that the low return on investment (ROI) and dwindling customer engagement are leading marketers and ecommerce solutions away from making larger and more continued investments into advertising through mobile commerce. Among the participants in the study, 43 percent claimed that they did not intend to boost their spending on mobile ads within the next year as a result of a…

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