Mobile marketing spend now dominates the digital advertising sphere

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A recent IAB report showed that the 22% growth last year made smartphone advertising the top U.S. digital category. A new report from the Interactive Advertising Bureau showed that last year the mobile marketing spend was the highest category in digital advertising. In the United States, that spending rose by 22 percent in 2016, bringing the total amount to a record breaking $72.5 billion. This mobile marketing spend made 2016 into the “year of mobile” when it came to advertising. This was the first time advertising over that channel represented…

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66 percent of mobile ad spend is focused on video

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A recent study has shown that this type of media has become a main focus in smartphone advertising. The results of a new study that have been released by AppLovin and AppsFlyer has shown that a considerable percentage of mobile ad budget has been focused on video, which has already been a growing focus in overall online advertising, regardless of the channel. The study has shown that video is producing a growing amount of revenue and it boosts customer retention. Throughout this year, each quarter has seen an increase in…

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Mobile advertising to steal television’s crown

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The popularity of smartphones and tablets is about to unseat TV from its ad spending throne. With the popularity of smartphones and tablets, and with the skyrocketing rates of data traffic over those devices, mobile advertising has been expanding astronomically, to the point that it is now predicted that it will take over the top spot that has been long held by television. A new report has shown that mobile marketing is about to take the top spending position for the first time. A new report issued by World Newsmedia…

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May 2015 experienced dip in mobile marketing costs

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At the same time, the downloads also experienced a measurable dip throughout that month. A Fiksu report was recently released that showed that in May 2015, there was a slight drop in the costs associated with mobile marketing, as well as in the number of downloads, when compared to previous months. This mobile advertising and downloading trend was said to be the result of app store changes among other considerations. The report also pointed out that seasonal slowdowns and more strategic mobile marketing methods played a role in the reduction…

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Spending on mobile advertising is up by 63 percent

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According to PwC and IAB research, estimates about the amount spent on UK smartphone ads reached £1.6 billion. IAB and PwC have now released a report on the spending on mobile advertising in the United Kingdom, and it has shown that these ads now make up 23 percent of the total amount of £7.2 billion that was spent in the country on digital marketing, last year. This figure represented a considerable increase – 16 percent – over the amount that was spent in 2013. That said, Dan Bunyan, the senior…

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