SMS mobile marketing is declining in the Middle East

sms marketing Mobile user acquisition costs

Overall texting is trending downward in that region as consumers look for cheaper solutions to communicate. Though communicating over smartphones has never been as popular or as common as they are today, consumers in the Middle East are steering away from traditional texting and the costs associated with it, causing SMS mobile marketing to have its effectiveness placed at risk in that region. Consumers are looking for messenger services that are cheaper or come with no cost at all. According to newly published reports, texting is on the way out…

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Qtel Group and RIM seek to expand NFC mobile commerce

NFC technology mobile payments

The Qtel Group, a telecommunications company based in the Middle East, met with Research in Motion (RIM), a Canadian telecomm group, to discuss opportunities regarding the expansion of NFC technology in the Middle East. Mobile commerce is seen as a particularly lucrative industry in some parts of the Middle East, such as Qatar, where the popularity of smart phones continues to soar. Mobile commerce is made possible through NFC technology, which can turn ordinary smart phones into payment devices. The two companies are looking to expand their global relationship to…

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Opportunity in the Middle East for QR Code Growth

QR Code Appearing in Middle East

Scanbuy, a leading provider in barcode solutions for businesses all over the world, has announced that they will be launching a new QR code system that will cater to the Middle East. Working under the company’s subsidiary, SCANMARK, the system will bring mobile marketing to a region that is ripe for the opportunity. This will not be the first time QR codes have appeared in the Middle East, but the effort to establish a dedicated marketing platform is certainly the most innovative effort yet regarding mobile marketing. A large number…

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