Microsoft Tags picked up by Scanbuy QR codes

Microsoft Tag bought by Scanbuy

Microsoft Tags falter beneath the reign of QR codes QR codes have been gaining popularity, but there are other types of codes that have fallen by the wayside in recent years. Microsoft had developed an alternative to QR codes in 2009, called Microsoft Tags. These Tags were quite similar to QR codes in that they could be scanned with a mobile device to reveal digital content. Unlike QR codes, however, the Tags featured a much more colorful style, utilizing vibrant triangles instead of the black and white squares that QR…

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Newegg launches Golden Egg Games campaign to reward customers

Campaign makes use of Microsoft Tags Newegg, one of the largest online electronics retailers in the U.S., has announced that it has chosen technology developed by Microsoft and L4 Mobile, a developer of mobile applications, to launch the Golden Egg Games campaign. The campaign aims to provide Newegg customers with chances to win various prizes, including discounts and free gadgets or gaming consoles. The campaign will be powered by a variant of QR codes developed by Microsoft, called Microsoft Tags, as well as L4’s Interplay platform. Tags becoming a popular…

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Northwest Mailing Service adopts QR codes and Microsoft Tags

QR Codes mobile commerce used by mail service

Tags and QR codes keep track of the mail. The Northwest Mailing Service, a direct mail company based in Chicago, Illinois, has announced that it will be introducing QR codes and Microsoft Tags to its services. The company decided to adopt the mobile technologies after examining the response clients had regarding QR codes. Northwest believes that the codes could play a significant role in influencing the purchasing behavior of consumers and will be using the codes to help clients connect with a wider audience. The codes will begin appearing on…

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Microsoft registers new NFC Tap and Do trademark for Windows 8

Microsoft mobile secrurity Outlook app

Technology giant Microsoft seems to have plans to enter the arena of NFC. The company has applied to register a new patent for its upcoming Microsoft Tap and Do initiative. According to the application, the trademark will be used to cover all of the company’s products that make use of NFC technology. This includes hardware, such as computers and mobile devices, as well as computer software. While this has implications for Microsoft’s long-term goals with technology, one of the mark’s immediate uses may be with the Windows Phone 8. The…

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