Mhealth is a new focus for Microsoft with a Bing app

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The tech giant is looking to take advantage of the massive trend toward mobile health and fitness. Microsoft has just joined the latest to jump onto the bandwagon for mhealth and fitness with the launch of its new mobile app called the Bing Health & Fitness application for the Windows Phone operating system. This unveiling comes at the same time that many other giants in the industry have expressed similar interest. Also showing interest in mhealth and fitness are other tech giants beyond Microsoft, such as Apple, Google, Samsung, and…

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Mhealth tablets are a considerable focus for Microsoft

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This market will be a primary area for the company’s Surface offerings as it takes its first steps there. The major tablet device and software manufacturers are beginning to discover that there is a tremendous opportunity in the so-called mhealth – that is, mobile healthcare – industry, and that it is likely that those who are earliest to participate will see the greatest initial returns. The mobile HER and telehealth market has already been experiencing very rapid growth. Other players that have already found their way in to the mhealth…

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