Virtual reality firm MetaX sues Meta for trademark infringement

Virtual reality lawsuit - headset

The immersive experience company filed the lawsuit in a Manhattan federal court. MetaX LLC, a company that creates experiences in immersive virtual reality (VR) has filed a trademark lawsuit in a Manhattan federal court, accusing Meta Platforms Inc, owner of Facebook, of stealing its name as it pursues the metaverse. The New York-based MetaX said that the Facebook metaverse rebrand has “crushed” it. MetaX informed the court that when Facebook rebranded, the New York-based company was “crushed” and that its “ability to operate as Meta has been eviscerated.” It also…

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Meta Platforms open first physical store to sell Oculus Quest 2

Oculus Quest 2 - Open Store

The shop will also sell other forms of hardware relating to virtual reality and the metaverse. Meta Platforms has announced that it is opening its first physical store to sell VR hardware like the Oculus Quest 2 to help to broaden the popularity of equipment needed to access the metaverse. While many teens already have VR headsets, they’re simply not using them as they’d use their phones. Meta has been trying to boost the number of people using VR headsets like the Oculus Quest 2 to dive into the metaverse,…

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Facebook’s virtual reality investments have lost almost $20B since 2020

Virtual reality - Facebook investment

Last quarter alone, Meta spent $2.96 billion to continue the company’s attempt to build the metaverse. Meta has been aggressively pursuing its virtual reality metaverse world, but this pursuit has come with a large price tag as the company has consistently lost money on the effort until now. The metaverse is meant to allow users to navigate a VR world in the form of their digital avatars. The Facebook parent company has released its first quarter 2022 financial results and has revealed that this year alone, the virtual reality investments…

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Horizon Worlds virtual reality platform users grew by 10 times since December

Virtual reality platform - VR experience

Meta’s metaverse and VR space has increased its usership to 300,000 as of the end of February. Meta’s entire company rebranding after having been Facebook is a massive bet on its virtual reality platform and metaverse experience becoming tremendously popular. That said, it hasn’t said all that much about the successes it has seen following the billions it has spent on building both hardware and software outside its traditional social media sphere. At the moment, Meta is placing a massive focus on its Quest headset and social VR called Horizon…

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Meta takes on virtual reality behavioral problems with 4-foot “personal boundary”

Virtual Reality - Person wearing VR Headset - VR experience

The company will use an invisible cylinder as a default setting to keep Horizon avatars apart. The metaverse is proving that in the virtual reality world, groping and other personal space boundaries are not respected in the same way that they would be IRL. Personal space in the real world is taught from a young age, and social pressure enforces it. In the real world, people learn to respect personal space as children. It’s taught early on as an unspoken rule and enforced socially so that people will keep a…

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