Meta acquisition of Within Unlimited virtual reality company closes

Virtual reality - Acquisition - Business

The Facebook parent company was able to win an antitrust lawsuit filed against it by the FTC. When Meta recently won an antitrust lawsuit filed against it by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the judge required the company to wait a week before closing its acquisition deal of virtual reality company Within Unlimited. The FTC’s lawsuit sought to stop Meta from being able to purchase Within Unlimited. Meta’s efforts to purchase the virtual reality company best known for its Supernatural fitness application were delayed by over a year as it…

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Metaverse virtual reality pioneer John Carmack leaves Meta

Virtual reality - Goodbye post it

The VR expert reportedly departed the company over a creative disagreement with Mark Zuckerberg. Meta’s Oculus VR Chief Technology Officer John Carmack is leaving the company over a virtual reality strategy disagreement with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. Carmack first joined Oculus as a VR developer in 2013, just before Facebook bought it in 2014. According to a recent Bloomberg report, Carmack detailed in his resignation letter that he didn’t feel adequately able to impact Meta’s virtual reality efforts in the right direction. He had been working for Oculus since the…

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Oculus Move workout metrics soon to integrate with non-VR platforms

Oculus Move - Workout at home

The Quest virtual reality headset’s fitness stats will be available on platforms in the real world. Meta is taking another step for VR fitness growth by making it possible to see Oculus Move VR fitness stats in places other than just within the virtual reality apps on Quest and Quest 2 headsets. Users will be able to view the metrics in the Oculus mobile app for Android and iOS as well. After a workout with Oculus Move, users will be able to sync their data to view calories burned, minutes…

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Meta reportedly splits up augmented and virtual reality headsets team

Virtual reality headsets - Split between VR and AR

The team of 300 people was working on a hybrid operating system but won’t be continuing for now. A team of 300 people that had been working on Meta’s hybrid operating system for augmented and virtual reality headsets, has been reportedly split up by the company. Some of the engineers from the team will be heading to Quest gadgets and AR glasses projects. Some of those that had been working on the operating system for the augmented and virtual reality headsets will be heading to work on AR glasses or…

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Insurance claims related to virtual reality technology spiked last year

Virtual Reality Technology - Person playing game with VR

According to an insurer in the United Kingdom, filings related to VR rose 31 percent in 2021. As virtual reality technology takes off, so have the number of insurance claims related to the use of VR tech. Though the specifics of how many VR headsets have been sold aren’t known, they’re rising fast. The Reality Labs VR division at Meta hasn’t disclosed how many Quest 2 headsets have been sold so far, but what is known is that their popularity has never been higher. The Oculus app reached the top…

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