Meta virtual reality avatars now have legs for beta testers

Virtual reality Avatar - Meta Logo

So far, the legs are available for the avatars only in Quest Home, though expansion is expected. Virtual reality avatars in Quest Home will finally have legs now that Meta has started rolling out the additional body parts for beta testers. Though the legs have been added to Quest Home player avatars, they still aren’t in Horizon Worlds. This new addition to the virtual reality avatars was first announced in the Meta Community forums. “People will start to see avatar legs appear,” said Eliza Kern, Meta communications manager, in a…

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Facebook’s virtual reality investments have lost almost $20B since 2020

Virtual reality - Facebook investment

Last quarter alone, Meta spent $2.96 billion to continue the company’s attempt to build the metaverse. Meta has been aggressively pursuing its virtual reality metaverse world, but this pursuit has come with a large price tag as the company has consistently lost money on the effort until now. The metaverse is meant to allow users to navigate a VR world in the form of their digital avatars. The Facebook parent company has released its first quarter 2022 financial results and has revealed that this year alone, the virtual reality investments…

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