CurrentC mobile payments service may not be launching until 2016

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MCX announces that payment service is not likely to see a launch this year The Merchant Customer Exchange (MCX), comprised of several retail organizations, has announced that its mobile commerce platform, called CurrentC, may not launch until 2016. The platform was meant to compete with other services coming from Apple, Google, and Samsung, providing retailers with a tool that they can use to effectively engage consumers that are interested in mobile payments. Retailers have been expressing doubt concerning CurrentC because of its lengthy development and testing phases. Service could see…

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Burger King takes a step into the mobile payments field

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Burger King prepares to launch new mobile commerce application in coming months Burger King is preparing to break into the mobile payments space more aggressively with the launch of a new application. The company plans to make this application available within the next few months and it will be supported by more than 7,000 Burger King stores throughout the U.S. Engaging mobile consumers is becoming quite important for a wide range of companies, especially those in the quick service restaurant space. Consumers are becoming more mobile-centric, and businesses that do…

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M-commerce network, MCX adds new companies to the exchange

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Chili’s Grill & Bar and Southwest Airlines will be joining many others on the growing list. The Merchant Customer Exchange (MCX), which is the proposed American m-commerce network that was spearheaded by large nationwide retailers such as 7-Eleven Best Buy, Walmart, and Target, will be adding a number of additional companies to its list. The MCX is continuing to expand its size and has now announced the latest to be included on the network. Among the latest additions to this m-commerce network will be Brinker International (the parent company of…

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Mcommerce project continues to add more merchants to the fold

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Dunkin’ Donuts and Gap have both joined the Merchant Consumer Exchange The Merchant Consumer Exchange (MCX) mcommerce project has just added another wave of large retailers to its already massive group of participants. This program is meant to form a tremendous mobile commerce platform away from banks and carriers. Among the latest entrants into the MCX world are Gap, Dunkin’ Donuts, and Bed Bath & Beyond. These are only a tiny few to add to the many others that have already jumped on board this massive venture. Among the earlier…

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Mobile payments experience notable boost with PayPal partnership with Discover

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The credit card and online transaction company will now be working together. The world of mobile payments has added a new level of drama with the partnership that has just been announced between Discover and PayPal. This has added yet another level to the explosion in the marketplace where smartphones replace cards. Although there have been regular changes to the mobile payments world as this market emerges, until now, there hasn’t been a single announcement that is quite as powerful as this one in terms of providing a competitive advantage…

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