Amazon mobile payments system to roll out in Mexico

Amazon mobile payments- Mexican Flag

The new mobile payments system will allow Amazon customers to pay via QR code. The e-Commerce giant is working with Mexico’s government-backed central bank on an Amazon mobile payments system. The system will reportedly enable customers to pay for goods using their smartphone to scan a quick response (QR) code. The new payments program is called CoDi. The Amazon mobile payments system is known as CoDi and it will be the first time that Amazon has offered this type of scanning tech in Mexico. The hope is that by introducing…

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Mobile commerce continues to grow in Latin America

Mexico Mobile commerce

Latin America is proving to be an attractive mobile commerce market Mobile commerce is gaining momentum in Latin America. A recent report from Ericsson shows that many consumers in the region have begun to embrace mobile technology. Growing smartphone and tablet penetration is leading to more participation in mobile commerce. As this trend continues, companies like Visa and MasterCard are beginning to show more interest in the mobile market of Latin America. In the coming year, more people than ever before are expected to participate in mobile payments. Report predicts…

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