QR codes on jewelry to share medical information

prescription qr codes medical

Now that these barcodes have become familiar enough that they could help in an emergency situation. Although QR codes are most commonly found on product packages and advertising, they are now becoming so familiar that they could help to save a person’s life in an emergency situation. The key would be to make sure that the barcode was actually present on the person. It is precisely this concept that is behind the myID bracelet. This new form of medical identification bracelet includes not only an ID and a number that…

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American Medical ID incorporates QR codes to help with mobile commerce

Mobile Website for American Medical ID

American Medical ID, a company specializing in customized medical identification jewelry, has launched a new mobile commerce site that enables consumers to purchase items like medical bracelets from their mobile device. Traditionally, these items could not be purchased except from a desktop or laptop. Now, however, these products can be ordered as soon as a condition has been diagnosed. The company is promoting this new service with QR coded mailings. The new mobile site showcases the company’s full catalogue of products, which can be viewed from any mobile device capable…

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