Mcommerce spending to increase by over 500% in the UK

U.K. Mobile Payments

A recent study has shown that over the next five years, smartphone shopping will skyrocket. Insights provider, Verdict Research, has announced the results of their most recent mcommerce study, which has shown that the average smartphone shopper in the United Kingdom will spend an annual £905 over this channel by the year 2017. When compared to 2012 data, this is an increase of 243 percent. In the mcommerce retail channel as a whole, the researcher predicts that there will be an increase of 504 percent within that time period. This…

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Mobile commerce through direct mail could boost holiday shopping

QR Codes mobile commerce used by mail service

Some of the more traditional techniques are still powerful drivers at this time of year. Every year, the line between offline and online shipping becomes slightly less defined, and mobile commerce has only added to this gray area – particularly as smartphone users bring their devices into the store locations themselves in order to help them with their purchasing decisions. This year, the average holiday shopper will spend an average of $749.51, according to predictions. This is a slight increase over last year, both in terms of online and offline…

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Mcommerce website launched by Remington

Mobile Commerce

The global consumer products company has announced that the smartphone optimized site is up. Spectrum Brands has announced that its Remington UK personal care website has now been optimized for mcommerce to allow consumers with smartphones and tablets to be able to access it more easily based on their device capabilities. This site was created and designed by Incentivated, a leading mobile marketing agency. The new mcommerce website is a transcoded of the existing desktop website for Remington, which gives the visitor access to the complete line of the brand’s…

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Mcommerce popularity will rely on local expertise


Specialists warn that one large office cannot serve the entire world. Experts in mcommerce and mobile payments are sending out a warning to companies to tell them that the key to success has to do with finding specialists on a local level. Though the internet may be shrinking the size of the world, local focus has skyrocketed in importance. When it comes to encouraging consumers to embrace mcommerce, it will be the local marketing efforts that will make all the difference. It won’t be enough for a company across the…

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Mcommerce update has been simplified for users of Google Wallet

Mobile Wallets

The mobile payments method should now become easier, particularly for those at store locations. Google has announced today that it has taken steps to ensure that mcommerce would run much more easily for users of its Google Wallet mobile payments method. The most recent update was described in one of the company’s blogs by Barak Turovsky. This most recent update has been designed to make mcommerce much faster and simpler for both merchants and consumers who are using Google Wallet. It will allow merchants who accept these mobile payments to…

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