Mobile commerce is speeding up and nearing $1 trillion

Mobile commerce Trends

Even as this level is approached, mcommerce continues to grow at an increasing rate. With every new holiday season, a new shopping trend is identified, and mobile commerce was by far the top player in this year’s most important factors that were used by both companies and especially by consumers. On Black Friday, many consumers preferred to stay home and shop for sales from smartphones and tablets. This allowed them to comparison shop more effectively, and to avoid the lineups and crowds that are synonymous with the day. This continued…

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Mcommerce may be heading toward a rapid decline

QR Code mcommerce Growth on the Rise

The numbers may begin falling very soon, and certainly after the holiday shopping season is through. Anyone who has ever been out shopping on Black Friday will understand why mcommerce picks up so dramatically on that day and over that weekend until the end of Cyber Monday. The lines and the limited ability to move about to compare products and prices make technology a valuable resource. Smartphones are making it possible to overcome many of the barriers that are presented on the busiest shopping days of the year. Mcommerce is…

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Mcommerce achievement by Fab shows 56% of Christmas Day sales from apps

This has allowed the company to achieve, and exceed its goals for smartphone shoppers. Fab has just announced that 56 percent of its American online revenue on Christmas Day was from users of its mcommerce apps, which has broken the company’s single day record for the company. Similarly, in Europe, 40 percent of its revenues came from smartphone and tablet shoppers. Mcommerce has become a central element of Fab’s sales strategies. In October, the newly redesigned iOS apps were launched by the company along with a user friendlier, more intuitive…

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Mcommerce apps used most on Black Friday

holiday mobile commerce shopping

Mobile applications played a major role in kicking off the holiday shopping season. This year, more than ever before, shoppers used mcommerce as an important part of their Black Friday shopping, and this included many activities, from price comparisons to hunting for sales, checking inventories, and even making the purchases themselves. These activities were performed both over apps and mobile optimized websites. Although there was a great deal of activity overall, some mcommerce apps saw more action than others. For example, Groupon held the leading position as the most used…

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Mobile payments to reach $1 trillion by 2017

Mobile payments platform

The volume of money spent worldwide is expected to skyrocket over the next five years. According to a study performed by IDC Financial Insights, the mobile payments volume by 2017 will have reached over a trillion dollars, and this will be merely the tip of the iceberg as to the size it will achieve in the years that follow. The majority of the spending will be through mcommerce, according to IDC. The report based on the study also indicated that NFC mobile payments will eventually begin to gain popularity as…

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