Data shows the success of China’s mobile commerce

China Mobile payments technology commerce

Mobile gains more ground in China Observer Solutions, a consulting and research firm, has released data concerning the state of mobile commerce in China. The firm notes that 2013 was a very promising year for e-commerce in general, but mobile commerce managed to attract a great deal of attention from consumers and businesses alike. On November 11, one of the most significant shopping days in China, consumers spent a record breaking $5.7 billion through online stores owned by Alibaba, one of the largest retail organizations in the world. Mobile shopping…

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Mobile commerce gap between iOS and Android is growing

Mobile Commerce Traffic

Apple devices are extending their lead in terms of generating traffic over mobile devices. According to a mobile commerce report that has recently been released by Gene Munster, an analyst at Piper Jaffray, devices using Apple’s iOS operating system are continuing to lead the web traffic generation space in the United States over Google’s Android based devices. Furthermore, the gap between these two types of device is continuing to grow as iOS leaps forward. In order to be able to obtain mobile commerce traffic data that was as accurate as…

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Mcommerce growth driven by mom shoppers

mom mcommerce mobile marketing

Parents are busier than ever and are using their mobile devices to purchase just about everything. A recent survey that looked into the consumer behaviors of mothers has revealed that moms are among the primary users of mcommerce, as they use their smartphones and tablets to help to make purchases of many of the various products that they need on a regular basis. It has been known for some time now that moms are leading the way in mcommerce trends. The results of this recent survey have only managed to…

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Mcommerce research reveals that men talk more and faster when shopping

A study performed by Marchex has revealed this behavior trend among male consumers. The results of an mcommerce research study have just been released, and have indicated that men have a tendency to talk for a longer period of time, and to speak more rapidly, when they are using their smartphones to make a purchase. The research indicated that they spoke for longer and more quickly than women shoppers. The results of the mcommerce study showed that the average man would remain on the phone for 7 minutes and 23…

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Mcommerce Android apps in the U.K. are growing quickly

U.K. Mobile Payments

Shopping and banking applications are increasing in use faster than most others. The latest data from the United Kingdom is showing that the use of banking and mcommerce apps is growing more quickly among Android device users than the use of gaming applications. That said, Facebook and Google are still at the lead of that marketplace, regardless of their nature. Nielsen statistics are showing that among the top 15 major apps that are growing the most rapidly for users of Android devices, seven are related to mcommerce, such as those…

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