Nearly 9 out of 10 tablet owners will make holiday purchases with their devices

Tablet t-Commerce

The findings of recent research performed by Zmags has shown that 87 percent of the owners of tablet devices will make holiday purchases using those mobile devices this season. The Zmags study also determined that consumers who use tablets typically spend quite freely on their tablets, with the average shopping total coming to $325. The survey involved the participation of 1,500 consumers, among whom there were 238 tablet users. It examined various elements of their shopping behaviors. According to the chief marketing officer and chief operating officer of Boston-based Zmags,…

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The future of QR codes lies with young, tech-minded consumers

QR Code mobile commerce emographics

Advertisers have taken to using QR codes to reach a broad audience. According to a new study from comScore, a digital business analysis firm, the codes may only be reaching a select few. A growing number of businesses have begun adopting the codes under the belief that they will be able to reach more consumers. While their efforts have, thus far, been met with success, comScore notes that the future of the codes rests with a very specific demographic. The report shows that the codes are most likely to reach…

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A glimpse into the mobile marketing future

Mobile technology has some pretty high expectations this year. There have been several new interactive applications in the works; allowing users to “scan” codes, enhance their surroundings and pay for goods with their mobile phone. Businesses are also seeing a lot of new applications that will allow them to reach a wider demographic of potential customers. Over 77 percent of the world’s population is now mobile service subscribers. Mobile device sales rose in 2010 by 18.5 percent, with Nokia being number one in Smart phones and mobile phones sales growth.…

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