Mcommerce sites and apps created by 47 percent of leading retailers

Mcommerce Website statistics

Acquity Group study includes the results of the top 300 retailers. The recent research results from Acquity Group have shown that among the leading 300 retailers, not even half have both an mcommerce website and a mobile app, but this still represents an increase of 161 percent over 2011. The report looked into the leading retailers, as identified by Internet Retailer. In order to generate the results for the “M-Commerce Audit” report, the firm examined the sites that were in existence through devices operating on the four primary mobile commerce…

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Mobile websites are beginning to look identical to consumers

mcommerce websites

Many wonder why mobile sites that have been optimized for smartphones all look the same. Websites that have been optimized for mobile commerce or sometimes referred to as the mobile web, are beginning to suffer from a cookie cutter effect and consumers are starting to notice and wonder why. The key to the problem is that the entire channel has only been in existence for a very short time. Mcommerce as a whole has only come into its own over the last two years. This has not given marketers a great…

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M-commerce sites slow down with too much information and too many features

Mobile Commerce Website Optimization

After having made dramatic changes to its mobile website, Bloomingdales failed to experience the positive results that it was seeking. The problem was found to be the amount of content that was available on the site. The issue is that the greater the amount of content that is added to a mobile site, and the larger the number of features it offers, the slower that page will load on a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet. Since the Bloomingdales site included a great deal of content and features…

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