Mobile commerce through direct mail could boost holiday shopping

QR Codes mobile commerce used by mail service

Some of the more traditional techniques are still powerful drivers at this time of year. Every year, the line between offline and online shipping becomes slightly less defined, and mobile commerce has only added to this gray area – particularly as smartphone users bring their devices into the store locations themselves in order to help them with their purchasing decisions. This year, the average holiday shopper will spend an average of $749.51, according to predictions. This is a slight increase over last year, both in terms of online and offline…

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QR codes, free Wi-Fi, and price matching part of Target’s holiday mix

Target mobile commerce

The Christmas shopping season has a number of aggressive mcommerce elements. Now that Best Buy has set the bar for price matching over mcommerce, Target has followed this successful lead over the holiday season by adding QR codes and price matching with competitors such as Amazon, while free Wi-Fi to give shoppers the ability to inform themselves and perform their comparisons. Other stores that are included among the prime competition are Toys R Us and Walmart. The QR code promotions Target has implemented are meant to help to draw online…

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QR codes are the center of massive Chinese virtual supermarkets

Yihaodian QR Codes used for virtual shopping stores

Yihaodian has unveiled its intentions to open 1,000 barcode based shops. The largest food e-commerce site in China, Yihaodian, held a press conference in which it announced its massive step into mobile commerce through the use of QR codes. The announcement showed that a thousand virtual locations would open across the country. These supermarkets, which will be called “Unlimited Yihaodian” will use QR codes and product images in order to allow people to create their shopping lists, fill their carts, and make their orders. The stores won’t feature any actual…

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QR codes to be the center of a new program from the Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce

Wisconsin Rapids QR Codes

Local businesses will receive assistance in integrating these barcodes into their mcommerce strategies. Businesses will be able to receive a lesson in the use and implementation of QR codes from the Heart of Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce by attending an educational presentation that will run from 8am to 9am on September 27. The presentation about quick response codes will be located in Wisconsin Rapids, at 1120 Lincoln St. The co-sponsorship of this event is from Cellcom and from Element Mobile. The purpose is to help local businesses to make important…

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Proper use of QR Code marketing can be the “WOW” factor your business needs

QR Code

It is predicted that by the end of 2011, smartphones will have made up at least half of the mobile market. Though this does mean that using QR codes offers businesses a significant opportunity to reach new and current customers, very few of them are properly executing their plans. Businesses and mobile marketers are rapidly adopting this technology, incorporating QR codes into their mobile marketing mix. Those that are successful have also identified that the codes are not the point in themselves, but are only the means by which a…

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