Mcommerce spending to increase by over 500% in the UK

U.K. Mobile Payments

A recent study has shown that over the next five years, smartphone shopping will skyrocket. Insights provider, Verdict Research, has announced the results of their most recent mcommerce study, which has shown that the average smartphone shopper in the United Kingdom will spend an annual £905 over this channel by the year 2017. When compared to 2012 data, this is an increase of 243 percent. In the mcommerce retail channel as a whole, the researcher predicts that there will be an increase of 504 percent within that time period. This…

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Mcommerce study predicts increase by 300 percent in 3 years

Mobile Commerce Future

Though smartphones will play an important role over the holiday season, by 2015 there will be massive growth. The results of a recent study by Tapjoy have shown that while the next couple of months should be quite defining for mcommerce, over the next three years, the sector will increase by well over 300 percent (up to 362 percent in the United States). This will occur as more consumers buy smartphones and use them to make their shopping purchases. Though there are still many shoppers that will head out into…

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Mcommerce to play a vital role in UK sales over next decade

Mobile commerce and the future

New report releases results of predictions regarding online shopping by 2022. A new retail report has been released by the Economist Intelligence Unit which showed the way that the retail sector will be changing throughout the next decade due to e- and mcommerce as well as social media sales (s-commerce). It showed that all online purchases will make up more than one third of the sales in the U.K by 2022. At the moment, the combination of s-, e- and mcommerce make up around 10 percent of sales in the…

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