M-commerce at Barnes & Noble holds strong for four solid months

Barnes and Noble m-commerce

The company has shown an exemplary performance on the Keynote index. According to Keynote Systems, Barnes & Noble has shown an exceptionally strong performance over the last four months, and its success has continued into the most recent week of the m-commerce index. The retailer’s mobile website had an average load time of 4.76 seconds in the most recent week. The latest Mobile Commerce Performance Index from Keynote was for the week that ended on March 17. It showed that Barnes & Noble had made it to the very top…

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Mcommerce site for underwear retail provides exceptional sales performance

mcommerce retail underwear site

WebUndies.com has recorded considerable returns from its inexpensive approach to selling over mobile. Online underwear retailer, WebUndies.com has just reported that its inexpensive mcommerce selling approach has been paying off in a highly successful way as reflected by the sales on its website. The family owned business also sells robes and loungewear and is reporting considerable mobile sales. The mcommerce performance that the website experienced in 2012 was recorded to be $168,000. This represents a notable 5.4 percent of the total sales that it made online, which was $3.1 million.…

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Mobile commerce index performance at Barnes & Noble tops the rest

mobile commerce 1 top performance

However, the same ranking system showed that Sears is struggling where the bookstore excelled. Among all of the 30 retailers that are ranked on the Keynote Mobile Commerce Performance Index, it was Barnes & Noble that led the rest, during the week that ended on February 10. The website of the retailer had an average load time that was a super fast 4.80 seconds. Furthermore, the smartphone friendly website was not only able to load quickly, but it did so successfully 99.78 percent of the time. This, according to the…

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Mobile commerce performance index top 10 list reached by Buy.com

m-commerce top 10

The company has made its way into the coveted leading positions for the first time. Keynote systems has released the results of its weekly Mobile Commerce Performance Index, and Buy.com has made it into the top 10 list for the very first time. That said, Keynote does say that the site still has a lot of room to improve. According to the mobile commerce performance results that were registered by Keynote for the Buy.com website, the load time was an average of 5.96 seconds. This means that the online retailer…

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