Mobile commerce optimization is present in almost three in four businesses

Mobile Commerce optimization

An online business benchmark report from Sage Pay shows that three quarters of UK businesses are optimized. The results of a survey conducted by Sage Pay, the leading payment processor in the United Kingdom, has suggested that 73 percent of businesses in that country are optimized for mobile commerce. It also stated that among them, 18 percent have invested over £1,000 into this transition. The massive survey included the participation of more than 1,500 British online companies. It indicated that over the last year, there has been a steady increase…

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Mcommerce adoption slowed by checkout optimization issues


A WorldPay study has found that payment page optimization struggles are hurting the channel. One of the payment processing, alternative payments, and risk global leaders, WorldPay, has released the results of its mcommerce study, which has shown that when the checkout page and the screen size have not been properly optimized, it has the greatest impact on consumers. The willingness of a smartphone user to purchase goods is most greatly affected by those two issues. The research was held at the 2012 Internet Retailing Conference, which was located in London.…

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Mobile commerce research shows 88 percent engagement

Mobile Commerce News

Worldwide survey has shown a massive interest by consumers in smartphone content and shopping. A global consumer survey performed by the MEF in London has shown that 88 percent of smartphone media users are now engaging in mobile commerce and content. This is an increase over 2011, when the figure for engagement was 82 percent. This, according to the results of the annual survey, which have just been released. The research was performed in conjunction with On Device Research, and included the participation of respondents from among ten different countries.…

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Mcommerce popularity will rely on local expertise


Specialists warn that one large office cannot serve the entire world. Experts in mcommerce and mobile payments are sending out a warning to companies to tell them that the key to success has to do with finding specialists on a local level. Though the internet may be shrinking the size of the world, local focus has skyrocketed in importance. When it comes to encouraging consumers to embrace mcommerce, it will be the local marketing efforts that will make all the difference. It won’t be enough for a company across the…

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Mcommerce sites and apps created by 47 percent of leading retailers

Mcommerce Website statistics

Acquity Group study includes the results of the top 300 retailers. The recent research results from Acquity Group have shown that among the leading 300 retailers, not even half have both an mcommerce website and a mobile app, but this still represents an increase of 161 percent over 2011. The report looked into the leading retailers, as identified by Internet Retailer. In order to generate the results for the “M-Commerce Audit” report, the firm examined the sites that were in existence through devices operating on the four primary mobile commerce…

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