Burger King takes a step into the mobile payments field

burger king mobile payments

Burger King prepares to launch new mobile commerce application in coming months Burger King is preparing to break into the mobile payments space more aggressively with the launch of a new application. The company plans to make this application available within the next few months and it will be supported by more than 7,000 Burger King stores throughout the U.S. Engaging mobile consumers is becoming quite important for a wide range of companies, especially those in the quick service restaurant space. Consumers are becoming more mobile-centric, and businesses that do…

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QR codes can help consumers buy a meal at McDonald’s

mcdonalds qr codes mobile payments

In Sweden, the fast food restaurant is now using the quick response codes to pay with SEQR wallet. McDonald’s Sweden has now announced that its customers will be able to use QR codes in order to pay for their meals, through the integration of the mobile wallet SEQR with its mobile app. This has been arranged through a partnership with the wallet application’s creator, Seamless. The existing mobile app from McDonald’s already provides the consumer with its menus, as well as the allergy and nutrition information associated with its foods,…

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Social marketing has decimated Olympic advertising for Coke, P&G and McDonalds

social media marketing olympics

Other big names such as Visa have also lost huge opportunities to promote during the Winter Games. If anything has ever been able to demonstrate the power of social media marketing in terms of spreading the word and sending messages to consumers, it has been the events that have occurred surrounding the Sochi Winter Olympic Games, which have seen the advertising from some of the largest corporations in the world disrupted and considerably weakened. Until now, the power to reach consumers has always been in the hands of those with…

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McDonald’s to launch mobile commerce projects in Belgium

Mobile Commerce Industry

McDonald’s makes a move on mobile commerce McDonald’s has been experimenting with mobile engagement recently. The company has been adorning food packages with QR codes in an effort to connect with mobile consumers more effectively. Mobile commerce has now caught the attention of the fast food corporation and it plans to begin testing a new NFC-based payment service in Belgium in 2014. McDonald’s will be working with Seamless, a Swedish mobile payments firm, for this initiative. Seamless to support new mobile commerce venture Seamless has partnered with the Bpost Bank…

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McDonald’s launches new augmented reality campaign

McDonald's augmented reality

McDonald’s teams with Metaio to launch augmented reality initiative Fast-food giant McDonald’s has been making an aggressive push into the mobile space. The company has fashioned many of its campaigns to be accommodating to mobile consumers and has even tested NFC-based mobile payments this year. Now, McDonald’s has set its sights on augmented reality. The company has teamed with AR pioneer Metaio to develop a new campaign. This campaign will not be focused on marketing the company’s products, however, as it is meant to raise awareness about the environment. Campaign…

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