Mobile payments could succeed if they prove to be simple, flexible and convenient

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A recent study by MasterCard has shown that these are the primary features sought by consumers. MasterCard has now released the results of a study that has shown that in terms of mobile payments, consumers are seeking methods that are flexible, simple, and convenient among the new innovations that they would be willing to consider when they pay for products at retail locations. This is important insight to be considered by companies that are presently or soon to be in this market. As retailers and other companies move toward mobile…

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Black Friday mobile payments could be the start of something big

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Today’s official start to the holiday shopping season could be defining for digital wallets. The holiday shopping season is now underway and services such as Google Wallet and Isis are hoping that Black Friday mobile payments will be the start of the explosion of use of these services by consumers. Until now, smartphone based transactions at points of sale have experienced little more than struggle. However, these mobile wallets have now gone national, and this is the first holiday shopping season in which this was the case. Moreover, there are…

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MasterCard aims to bring more mobile commerce services to Japan

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Mobile commerce is showing strong results in Japan Mobile commerce is making strong progress in Japan and much of this progress is being powered by MasterCard. The prominent credit company has taken a keen interest in mobile commerce in recent years, noting that the concept of mobile payments has become much more than a passing fancy among consumers. Today, more consumers are demanding comprehensive mobile commerce platforms and much of this demand can be found in Japan. MasterCard is eager to meet the demands of consumers by providing them with…

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Mcommerce is receiving an important boost from MasterCard

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The credit card giant is playing an important role in the growth of the smartphone shopping environment. As a part of the effort to boost mcommerce, MasterCard Inc. has now released the Software Development Kits (SDKs) for the Mobile MasterCard PayPass User Interface. The SDK offers a full next generation digital range of submission and authorization solutions. Through the SDK, there is assistance for the new applications that are being offered by the operators of the mobile networks, as well as the issuers and the third party software developers for…

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