Social media marketing study reveals paid social represents under 10 percent of total spend

Social Media Marketing on Pinterest

Paid social is not taking up a very large percentage of the complete amount being spent by marketers. The results of an eMarketer study have now been revealed and they have shown that among the vast majority of participants in the research, a maximum of 10 percent of a total marketing budget was being spent on paid social media marketing. This study was conducted by STRATA, which is a media software company. It was determined that among 92 percent of the respondents who took part in this social media marketing…

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Marketing campaigns dialed into green – Eco Friendly Gift Giving Trends

Green advertising

As the holiday season approaches, marketers are already aiming to spot opportunities that will help them to get the most out of the gift giving spirit. With the economy continuing to struggle, and as consumers maintain their interest in everything “social” and “green”, marketers are anticipating that they will be more innovative in the ways that they choose to give more but without spending as much money. This year’s research, performed by the Collective, which conducted a survey on consumers in the upper income bracket showed that they intend to…

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QR Codes…a mobile shopper’s international language

Brookstone, one of the largest specialty retailers in the country, have announced that they will be using QR codes in their New York-area stores. The retailer has high hopes that the codes will help facilitate a more personal relationship with shoppers as they look to provide them with a bevy of digital content. The codes can be found in 30 stores throughout New York state and New Jersey, including locations at the JFK Airport and Brookstone’s Rockefeller Center. When shoppers find the codes they can scan them with their smart…

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M-Commerce: The new look and feel of marketing today

Several retailers have given their opinion about what mobile commerce (m-commerce) should be like in the coming years. Everyone has agreed that the consumer will drive the demand for the type of services they want from a business. Surprisingly, many see social media playing a big part in m-commerce, and how the company incorporates that will have everything to do with their success or failure. Companies know that social media isn’t a fad; it has completely changed the way we do business and the way we communicate. In the same…

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M-Commerce is on the move!

Companies that have online shopping sites are getting a major boost from mobile and social media. With the extremely high number of mobile phone users and the phenomenal number of Facebook users (not to mention Twitter, LinkedIn, Tribe, Yelp, Web 2.0 and countless others), companies are getting exposure all over the world. It is important to have a good marketing plan before going to advertise on a social media site; with thousands of other companies having the same idea, you don’t want to be lost in the crowd because of…

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