Mobile commerce must provide positive experience

Mobile commerce

As the channel becomes more popular, research is showing that the customer experience is vital. The more people conduct price comparisons and research products using mobile commerce websites with their smartphones, the greater the importance of a positive experience for those consumers, as the results can be detrimental to a brand or company. The latest research is showing that positive experiences will have them coming back, but negative ones are the opposite. This is particularly true when it comes to people making actual purchases over mobile commerce. When an individual…

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Study shows businesses are choosing risks over potential with smartphones

Mobile Commerce News

Ofcom, a Government media regulator, has published the results of their research, which discussed the issue of “smartphone addiction” and its graying of the area between the professional and the private life. The report explained that smartphone use has worked its way into every element of our lives. However, while there were a number of different negative aspects discussed, it also examined a number of mobile trends that open up potential for businesses but that are, for the most part, being greatly underused. Though many large companies have had their…

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Survey shows over three quarters of retailers pursuing mobile commerce

Retail Mobile Commerce Experience Statistics

New data has been released by E-tailing Group Inc., following a survey of large retailers, which showed that 78 percent intend to invest in mobile commerce before the end of 2011. That said, the majority of these retailers are making their investments with caution. In fact, according to the Second Annual Mobile Mystery Shopping Report by E-tailing Group, 39 percent explained that they will be putting under $25,000 into this year’s m-commerce strategy. The survey included 200 medium- to large-sized retail merchant participants. Fortunately, according to experts, it isn’t typically…

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